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There may be times when you can not find things, you need something specific or you want to be part of the news, Google voice commands ok maybe an innovation fallen from the sky, comes to our hands to make our life simpler, is completely modern, ensures a unique experience in terms of research and artificial intelligence. This tool is here to stay with us.

The world is changing and we need to change with it, the different Google engineers (we are sure) want to make sure that the world of tomorrow is more fun, that has unique experiences as part of the day-to-day day, and also that our intelligence is a fundamental part of our development, even if they bet on a completely different future nowadays, are not something they can not answer. No doubt these Ok Google commands can change your day-to-day life if you use them well.

What are Ok Google voice commands?

Before using them you need to know at least what voice commands are Ok, it's a very reliable tool with which you can control different systems or applications without having to use a keyboard, mouse or screen, although its appearance was in 2013, is currently at its peak, this because it greatly facilitates our day, being able to find solutions immediately.

They are known as RVI or interactive response, represent an easy-to-use option for performing actions that are traditionally done through the use of screens (on phones), or keyboards. The benefits of voice commands Ok Google have not been fully discovered, because every day a new update appears to make your life at least a little better.

Google Assistant and Voice Commands?

Believe it or not, it's the greatest innovation that could have been created, theOK Google Assistant helps you organize and know what you need to do, how to do it, when to do it, why and why you should do it, for what purpose, its main purpose is to help you fully control your activities at all times, do not get lost in your agenda and be a more complete person.

The creation of this artificial intelligence revolutionizes a world still divided between those who know the Internet and those who do not, the things that can be done with this "help" are as diverse as our own lives. Learning to use this tool in the right way is the main thing we need to learn, to ensure future expansion and completely unstoppable development.

It is not very difficult, you must first know the version of your smartphone or the device from which you configure it, you must switch to the latest version of the Google application, then you must hold down the start button that appears on the screen, then press start and then continue, because in everything you need to accept the permissions (you are entitled to read), this ensures you that you accept the terms and conditions.

Then, for the tool to recognize your voice, you have to repeat "Ok Google" three times calmly and clearly, remember that being the voice commands a lot the way you say things. There is an option to "wake up" the Ok wizard with the voice, you have to go into the settings of the Google application and there you will find it, I hope you can without major inconvenience configure your device properly.

What are the voice commands of OK Google?

The list should mainly be divided into categories to cover as much content as possible, without omitting important aspects. Remember that this is a tool that facilitates the use of existing systems and applications in our phone or laptop, the main categories we are going to use are the best known, and for one reason or another we need to know for the correct use of our devices.


Believe it or not, this tool allows you to send text messages, via Whatsapp, and Telegram, you only need to indicate to whom you will send the message and dictate it as you write it, this is not difficult and you save a lot of time, plus you can use it while driving without having to leave the road and your driving hands. Start the path that will lead you to master the different technologies that emerge. Among all the voice commands Google is one of the most used by users.


Here works the same system as in the messages, and for you can be easier to use because of the widely used "hands-free", you have to indicate who you are going to call and ready, in a moment the call will have been activated, try it and so you can check that we do not lie to you, be part of today's development and forever. In calls, we know that this is not something new and that's why adaptation is not so complicated. For me is one of the most useful voice commands ok.


This may not be the best at this point, alarms, although they help us to "wake up", are a real headache, but maybe you can get the good side of this opportunity, you can program the alarms you want to ring at a certain time, at a specific time, or from the moment you turn it on, the hours remaining. Do not forget to wake up, I hope the alarm will ring this time.


For distracted people, this tool can help them a lot, just specify what you need to remember (in this case you remember) and ready, you can activate it for a specific place, date or time and we make sure that you receive your reminder as you wish, your google assistant will never disappoint you. Remember that you can use this category to remember the activities you need to do.

Orders of the day

You no longer need to hire an assistant to take control of the agenda, you can do it yourself using this great tool, the information in the calendar will be based on the Google Calendar, in using more often you will get better results. For busy people, this is a benefit with a big impact on their lives, and effects that will be seen with the passage of days and you can not ignore in any way. Ok voice commands, Google TOP.

Maps with Ok Google

Nothing to walk with compasses or maps in the street, you must not be afraid to get lost, you can in a few seconds locate the directions, locate you in the distances, and especially know where you stand, remember that the tool may be the most up-to-date, but if you do not understand it, it's like it's not serving, take the time to learn how to use it and become the most skilled in all of this, you can do it because we can do it all.


Even if it's not something new for everyone, you can access from where you want and without using your hands to the Internet, you can search, open and download files in peace, in addition to being able to do it very quickly. Searches can be performed at an impressive speed without difficulty and with the results at your fingertips. Launch the search to get the results you expected in a different way.


You can learn about climate variations in different regions of the world, how weather will be in terms of temperature and the chance of rainfall, which can help you leave your home well prepared and a storm do not end up getting wet from head to toe, is used to plan events where the details are the most important. Remember that being warned can save the most special moments of our lives.


If you want to hear something specific, just indicate it and Google's voice command will do the work, it's no longer necessary to focus or be on your phone, tablet or laptop, it's all within earshot. In a very short time, what we know will stop being so traditional and evolve to meet the needs of consumers, listening to music has never been such an innovative experience in the world.


Look for a video that's on your device or on Youtubeis no longer difficult, times change, remember that before doing something in the traditional way, if you change the way you do things I assure you that your environment will start to change quickly. Search has never been easier, now you can do it without complications, your favorite videos that you can watch whenever and wherever you want.


Yes, that's what we need completely, you can control almost all of your device although it should be clear that some applications, or options do not work as shown, this varies because of the devices and their operating system, but rest assured that you can achieve everything you need, in the simplest way that can exist. Use the tools you need in a unique way for you.

Google Home

Certainly this is our favorite option, with it you can control all multimedia entertainment at home, and you only have to use voice control, as simple as that, already try the best that Google has created to make our happier life. Start now to take advantage of the many benefits this tool offers for our comfort and advancement of technology around the world.

Benefits of activating Ok Google orders

In a world where things are going faster and faster, we can not expect things not to wait, the pace is no longer given by the human being but by the technologies that are progressing day after day. day by leaps and bounds. The benefits offered by this platform greatly influence the performance of us in different areas, knowing how to use it can ensure growth in our field, we are moving forward in the future from that already.

Remember that everything around us can affect us in different ways, some will see technological advances as a setback, but others will see them as an opportunity to move forward, to become full-fledged professionals and to achieve the goals they set. Use the tool and have fun, do not fear it, know it in depth and make it adapt to you, avoid that the opposite.

Clearly use voice commands

This artificial intelligence recognizes what you say as long as your pronunciation is adequate, emphasis, intonation and diction are very important, when it comes to writing a message with the command; when asking for a concrete action you must do it in a clear way, remember that the order will fit you, you do not have to adapt to it, it recognizes almost what you need without having to say.

This can mean a didactic correction of how we speak, because we know that if we do not do it right, the command will not understand what we mean. Let's start improving in different areas right now with technological advances, and more with the innovation that may become the defining feature of the 21st century, we can achieve positive technological development.

Disable voice commands? NO !

Do not be part of the past, start moving forward with the technological development that today more than ever is a reality that exists, and will exist for a long time. We must adapt to the different situations that arise and advance as our ancestors did, we lose nothing by trying, the only thing that can happen is that we dominate it completely and end up creating something new.

Voice control can be the solution to many of your problems, mainly those that are organizational or time structuring, use this tool and we assure you that you will not regret the effect it will have in your life. It's the tool you need, and what many people around the world need so that their lives are not so complicated. All OK Google voice commands are waiting for your encouragement to use it and embark on the path of personal development and growth just for you.

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