HCI Meeting: Strength and Power!

At the call of Mahmoud Dicko, president of the High Islamic Council, hundreds of thousands stormed the stadium of 26 march, yesterday, Sunday to take part in the rally of "truth and prayer" for Mali. They came from everywhere, Bamako and its periphery as well as some localities of the interior. And many citizens have even spent the night from Saturday to Sunday on site to not miss the event. Reportage.

Early in the morning, the stadium of 26-March, was invaded by a compact crowd, to the point that the organizers were finally forced to close the doors to avoid overflow. Religious songs punctuated the ceremony.

On calicoes or banners, one could read "No to injustice", "Mali is not for sale", "Restoration of the death penalty" or even "The truth will triumph".

The Ultimatum of M'Bouille and Dicko

During this great gathering, religious leaders spoke about the state of the nation and bad governance. From insecurity to intercommunal conflict, to degradation of morals, teaching of homosexuality in schools and general impoverishment ... all the evils that eat away at Mali under the current regime were criticized by the speakers. They did not wear glove to criticize the behavior of our leaders. The highlight of this event was the ultimatum addressed to the Head of State by Cherif Nioro Sahel, Mohamed Ould Cheickne and Imam Dicko. Indeed, these two religious leaders demanded the dismissal of Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga. This requirement formulated by the Sherif de Nioro, M'Boullé was strongly supported by Dicko.

Indeed, M'Boullé's envoy, M Sanogo, conveyed to the audience an unequivocal message: Cherif Haïdara calls for the immediate departure of the prime minister! Cherif de Nioro says: "I was not with IBK during the campaign, I'm not with him today and I will not be with him tomorrow". However, adds the religious guide, IBK has no choice but to send his prime minister away. "IBK must save his power and his country. But, the head of government, Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga must leave, " reports the spokesman of the religious leader. And the Cherif spokesman continues: "If the president hears what he says, so much the better and if he does not hear too, the day the Muslims will get up, he will have no choice" .

"This is a meeting of the government and a prayer meeting for the country," said the president of the High Islamic Council of Mali (HCIM), Imam Mahmoud Dicko, before clarifying: "The problem of our country is a problem of governance. This meeting is also an opportunity to highlight it. Imam Dicko has returned his refusal of financial aid 50 million CFA francs sent by the Prime Minister ...

In addition Dicko returned to the remarks made by the spokesman Bouyé. "If he (IBK) does not understand what the Cherif just said. We will make him understand otherwise. "So, we'll ask them to clear! " says Dicko referring to the Prime Minister. The president of the High Islamic Council also said that "Soumeylou Boubèye is not at his first attempt of perversion of morals with the project of Comprehensive Sex Education. All bad laws were him when he was Foreign Minister.

Referring to inter-communal conflict, Mr Dicko said it is unthinkable for communities to clash in Mali. "Our diversity should not be a source of difference," he says. Malian society? Mahmoud Dicko will say, "The soul of our society is being destroyed by drugs and alcohol."

He is convinced that we have the means, the resources to get the country out of this situation. "There is enough wisdom and intelligence in this country," he says. He calls to "think for us, act for us". For Imam Dicko, "it's not up to others to dictate what we need to do." It is not normal that we are foreigners in our own country, he regrets inviting to leave this complex because we are a great nation. The religious leader believes that Mali "needs a refoundation, an authentic refoundation based on our values ​​.... "

The president of the High Islamic Council also denounced the role played by France in our country ": France directed us yesterday. But that she continues to lead us today is unacceptable. " "You have to refuse that. Because, it is the disorder today but soon it is the anarchy ". "I will not make any other comments,"concludes Imam Dicko, very radiant with having achieved his great show of strength and all his power.

Granny Sanogo

Source: The Dawn

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