Libya: external interference "complicates an already complicated situation" (AU) -

At the 32th summit of the African Union (AU), the Commissioner for Peace and Security of the pan-African institution, the Algerian Smaïl Chergui, made a series of announcements on Libya and the situation in the Sahel.

African Union (AU) Commissioner for Peace and Security, which has repeatedly called for the priority settlement of the Libyan crisis, welcomed that after the meeting on Sunday, AU and the United Nations has decided to strengthen their cooperation on the Libyan issue.

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Among those present at this high-level meeting on Libya were the Egyptian, Algerian, Tunisian, UN envoy for Libya Ghassan Salamé and Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Abdelsalam Kajman. The session was led by The Head of State of Congo-Brazzaville Denis Sassou Nguesso, Chairperson of the African Union High-Level Committee on Libya, accompanied by Moussa Faki, Chair of the AU Commission, and therefore Smaïl Chergui.

The latter denounced the many external interference on the Libyan issue "that complicate an already complicated situation." "I can tell you that there is today a total agreement between the AU and the UN to work hand in hand to promote and organize the national reconciliation conference. The latter should be as inclusive as possible, "he added.

Libyan National Conference early July?

The Commissioner for Peace and Security also argued that the Libyan crisis affects all countries in the region, as evidenced by the attack of Chadian rebels from southern Libya. "The time has come for the international community to support the joint initiative of the African Union and the United Nations to secure trade between Libyans," said Smail Chergui.

The national conference will be followed by a possible date for the elections. All this must happen this year

Asked by Young Africa On the holding of the National Conference, Smail Chergui announced that a date would be fixed in the afternoon (Monday 11 February). According to our information, it should be held in early July. "It will be followed by a possible date for the holding of the elections. All this must happen this year, "said the Commissioner. Before greeting the action of Ghassan Salame, the UN Secretary-General's envoy for Libya : "What is important to note is that a new beginning has been given, and that we are joining with the UN on this problem (...). Unnecessary interference must stop immediately, "insisted the Commissioner.

According to our information, however, Egypt would object to the government of Tripoli chaired by Fayez al-Sarraj designates guests to the national reconciliation conference. Which could be held in Cairo. As for the elections, the AU High Level Committee on Libya hopes that they will be organized in October 2019.

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