Kate Middleton: The face of actress Claire Foy says it all when Wills and Kate arrive at BAFTA

stunned at the 72th EE British Academy Film Awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night. She wore an Alexander McQueen dress in white chiffon and a shiny pair of 'Romy in Viola' heels by Jimmy Choo. As a tribute to her mother-in-law, Kate was wearing Princess Diana's South Sea Pearl accessories that she had already worn at the Royal Albert Hall in 1991.

The Duchess of Cambridge was best dressed at the awards ceremony for her ensemble.

As Kate and William entered the Royal Albert Hall, the face of actress Claire Foy was cliché

The actress, aged 34 years, played the role of the queen in the original drama of Netflix, The Crown, which is no stranger to royalty. 19659003] While Kate, aged 37 years, was coming down the stairs, Claire Foy beamed and looked with admiration towards the duchess. Foy Kate Middleton "title =" Claire Foy Kate Middleton "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 644 "src1 =" https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/106/590x /secondary/Kate-Middleton-BAFTAs-1732715.jpg?r=1549878251397 "data-media1 =" "data-imgcount =" 1 ">

Kate Middleton: Claire watched with adoration Kate as she (Image: TWITTER / LIZZIESCROWN)

Claire Foy

Claire Foy The Crown (Image: PA)

Fans tweeted in reply: "Find someone who looks at you like Claire Foy looks at Prince William and Kate Middleton". [19659003] Another said, "Claire Foy's face when Will and Kate enter BAFTA is invaluable. "

Claire has now passed the torch of Queen Elizabeth II to Olivia Colman, winner of the BAFTA Award.

Olivia also seemed amazed when she met Kate. The two men had a lively conversation while the Duke and Duchess met the BAFTA award winners after the ceremony.

Olivia Colman Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton also met Olivia Colman last night, who plays Queen in The Crown (Image: GETTY)

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton BAFTAs (Image: PA)

Olivia is filming for her current role of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, and visibly crying while accepting her BAFTA. last night.

The young woman aged 45 years won the award for Best Leading Actress for her portrayal of Queen Anne in the favorite. [19659003] After accepting her award, Olivia thanked her co-stars and said, "Thank you very much, it's really big. I know what to say, I actually wrote something.

"For my nominated colleagues, being in the same company as you is an extraordinary honor.

Kate Middleton Olivia Colman

Kate Middleton: Kate stunned in an Alexander McQueen dress (Image: PA)

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton: Prince William and Kate sat in the front row at the ceremony (Image: PA)

"I am very fragile, sorry. We're having an amazing night, are not we? We will meet so soon later. "

She added, "Emma and R achel - I have to stay true - for your performance and what you did after the camera stopped rolling.

"We never talked about it and I find it very moving, but I love you.

"This is for a lead, and for me, we are all three identical and should take it and it's weird that they can not do that. It is for three of us, it bears my name but we can engrave others. "

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