FAMILY I HATE YOU. Jennifer Aniston: mother's sickness

First, there is his mother, Nancy dow - former model and obscure actress. Their first public scramble goes back to 1996, when the mother spoke for the first time of her daughter, Jennifer Aniston, during an interview for the TV show Hard Copy. Maternal confidences that then shatter the one that has become the Rachel Green from the hit series, Friends. Very shocked, Jennifer, who celebrates his fiftieth birthday on Monday 11 February, accuses his mother of betraying his trust ...

A warning shot that will not help much. Three years later, in 1999, Nancy reiterates his indiscretions by publishing a book, From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir. And that, against the will of his daughter. Nancy tells it the childhood of his famous daughter and their intrafamily relations: "Lovely memories, life experiences, lessons learned and tragedies overcame." The lady prides herself on giving advice to handle mother-daughter relationships! immediately, Jennifer totally cut the bridges with his mother, who will not attend his marriage with Brad Pitt, in 2000. Four years later, facing Diane Sawyer, a famous American TV journalist, Jennifer says that all she wanted was for her mother to apologize, "She made a mistake, and I do not think she understood it, obviously."

"Being Jennifer's brother, it fed me for years!"

Strangely, this is the divorce from Jen and Brad who will bring mother and daughter a little closer: "We exchanged messages, confided the actress to Vanity Fair, in 2005. Our doors are open. We take small steps. It's a good thing ... "Yet their relationship will never be really fluid or easy. It's in 2012, when Nancy is the victim of a first stroke, that Jennifer returns to her to take care of the septuagenarian, very diminished. Until his death, in May 2016, that she will announce herself on social networks.

On the other hand, the actress managed to renew a real contact with her father, John Aniston, a television actor who had left the family home when she was only 9 years old. Despite the feeling of abandonment, she had the strength to recreate a nice bond with him. But not with Alex, the son that John had next with actress Sherry Rooney. The star has always had almost nonexistent relations with this half-brother of twenty years younger than she never evokes. Their last appearance together dates back to 2004, when he was a teenager! It must be said that their lifestyles are poles apart. While the star lives in a beautiful property in Bel Air, Alex, he is a real nomad. A young man of 29 years at the pace néopunk. Tattooed from head to toe, his half-brother sleeps on a mattress installed in his van and travels the roads of North America. This wandering life he pursued even after his fatherhood - he does not live with the mother of his two children. To give an idea of ​​their baroque relationship, it is enough to note the reaction ofAlex, at a festival in Nevada, in 2013. Refusing all the interviews, he had launched: "Being Jennifer's brother, it fed me for years!"

She was disinherited by her mother

Maternal side, fortunately, Jen has another half-brother, John Melick, 59 years old, with whom she has created a real and beautiful relationship. They joined together to take care of their mother, Nancy, in the last years of his life. The actress had to support him, morally and financially, in the painful trial that followed Nancy's death. The latter had left everything his legacy - a luxurious apartment and a few hundred thousand euros - to his granddaughter, Eilish, John's daughter, in the disinheriting him, his son, John Jr, and Jennifer.

If the star has a personal fortune - and wanted nothing from his mother - this is not the case of his half-brother. John Melick had to sue his own daughter, accusing him of manipulating his grandmother, Nancy, by making him modify the original 2011 will. Finally, an arrangement was found, in May 2017: Eilish kept the apartment, but surrendered 86 000 $ (approx 73 000 €) to his father and his brother, as the original will had foreseen. Jennifer wanted his niece to have provoked this family quarrel which, once again, ended up on the public square ...

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