Deco tip: and if you gained space thanks to the retractable furniture?

Studio, small room ... Help we need space!

According to the latest Yougov survey, 59% of people living in an average or large city would like to live in a larger dwelling. And for good reason, half of them have less than 50 m² and a quarter of less than 25 m²... So to make the most of their housing, they organize themselves and often try to optimize their surface as they can, hiding their belongings under the bed, multiplying the wall shelves or using a whole lot of storage boxes. . But for save space quickly, more efficient solutions exist like the retractable furniture. Very trendy for a few years, they have been able to find a place on the market of interior decoration. Many brands have indeed developed the concept, like MAFAEL, a French brand whose ambition is to allow all those who acquire or rent their first apartment to free space to devote to what they like to do. The brand offers a selection of space saving furniture, made in France, available online only, and at attractive prices (almost 30% cheaper than other models of the same type).

Millenials and first-time buyers are already seduced!

Nearly 25% of millenials have already equipped with modular furniture. And you, are you tempted?

With a retractable bed, save space in a matter of moments

When living in a small space, having a Murphy bed at home is very practical. There is something for everyone: drawers, with built-in trunk, bench style ... At MAFAEL, the centerpiece is JUNO, a retractable bed, new generation, which literally melts on the ceiling! Proposed in horizontal orientation (the headboard parallel to the wall) and vertical (the headboard perpendicular to the wall), this retractable furniture fits all homes. Simple and clean, it hides real technological innovations :

  • A clever counterweight system, designed with premium materials, which gives users a robust, quiet, easy-to-handle solution.
  • Robust self-supporting stays that give the possibility of fixing the bed on all types of wall.

The quality of materials is therefore at the rendezvous! In addition, the solid wood of the bed frame used in its manufacture comes from sustainably managed forests PEFC ... The most eco-friendly will appreciate gesture. And to completely own the room, note that it is possible to accessorize with a sofa or shelves ... What to fully enjoy its interior space.

To earn some extra m², nothing more simple!

If you want a bigger living space, take a look at the Mafael website, or on their page facebook et instagram.

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