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The Ugandan Secretary of State for Tourism would like to use a legitimate appreciation of African women's curves as a tourist asset. A step towards the objectification of women?

Primates of Bugala Island, Buffaloes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and now Ugandan Callipygians of Kampala: this recent amalgam of "tourist arguments" revolve feminists. It is the Ugandan authorities who have decided to attract foreign holidaymakers with the promotion of generous citizens. Initiated by Primrose Nyonyozi Murungi, a petition attempts to thwart "Miss Curvy", a beauty contest for round candidates and a clear starting point for the new government seduction campaign.

What is the heart of the controversy? In an Africa mediatially subject to the international canons of beauty - the Ugandan "Miss World Africa 2018" Quiin Abenakyo is as skinny as a Swedish beauty queen - we can only rejoice in alternative elections dedicated to generous curves. Unless you throw the baby out of the round pride with the water of the beauty pageants, considering any miss parade as an attack on the feminine dignity.

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Women "amazing to look at"?

In reality, it is less the competition of corpulent ladies that is problematic than its moult in tourist bait. The initiator of the petition "anti Miss Curvy" believes that the strategy of the Secretary of State for Tourism is degrading for women considered as a kind of products, "tourist attractions while sexual harassment is common on the streets ". Godfrey Kiwanda is even requested to apologize to these women as "amazing to watch".

Taking the debate on the move, President Yoweri Museveni has spared the goat and cabbage

Soon, the eyes turned to the chief magistrate of the country, the same one who denounced, just a year ago, the performance "mediocre" of the "Pearl of Africa" ​​in the tourism sector. Manifestly cold-picked at an impromptu press conference, President Yoweri Museveni spent a long time sparing goat and cabbage. Taking the debate on the road, he has at the same time made personal reservations about the beauty pageants, appreciated the "originality" of the new tourism strategy and promised the "benevolence" due to the candidates of "Miss Curvy". The fish also drowns in Lake Victoria...

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