Cameroon - 11 February 2019: Paul Biya is standing still

The tradition has once again been respected, the president of the republic addressed the youth as a prelude to the 11 February. A speech without a real solution to the problems of youth.

Long awaited by his young compatriots, the President of the Republic once again pronounced a speech to his young compatriots. In about fifteen minutes, the Head of State has covered the issue of youth employment without making strong announcements as expected more than one.

"The president of the republic is standing still. Last year, he announced the creation of many jobs, including 500.000. Where are these 500.000 jobs? This year again, he comes back with the same numbers. It's already seen '', commented anonymously a young person.

In the wake of the answer to be given to his young compatriots, Paul Biya emphasizes the actions implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, the Civic Service of Participation in Development, the Special Triennial Plan Young people where the operation comes to an end while the results on the ground do not satisfy.

"The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education has implemented the Triennial Plan" Special Youth "which concerns more than 600 thousand people. Nearly 4000 projects have been developed in agriculture, industry, digital economy and innovation. Adequate funding is also planned'' says Paul Biya.

Faced with a youth who gropes in politics, the president's speech sounds like a call for awareness and political commitment in a context marked by future elections.

The digital economy became the refrain of his speech for years struggling to establish in a country where the Internet penetration rate requires some improvement.

The announced 500.000 jobs of Paul Biya will have to be created taking into account the sociopolitical climate in the English-speaking regions.

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