Cameroon: 4 dead in fire at Kumba Hospital (South West)

A fire broke out in this facility on the night of 10 at 11 February 2019.

According to Radio Equinoxe, broadcasting in Douala, the provisional balance sheet shows 4 dead and 5 vehicles destroyed. Several units of the hospital training have also been ravaged by the flames. A fire broke out at the Kumba District Hospital (Meme Department, Southwest Region), on the night of 10 at 11 February 2019.

For now, the authorities have not commented on the causes of the fire. But witnesses say that around 1h30, about 30 minutes before the fire, armed men invaded the hospital and ordered all patients to release the scene.

It was then that the fire broke out at the level of the men's surgery room. The flames ravaged four buildings before the intervention of law enforcement forces, arriving at the scene nearly two hours after the outbreak of the fire. A delay that some do not understand, especially since a gendarmerie camp is located a few 500 meters from the hospital Kumba.

The people attribute this act to the separatist fighters who have been raging in the English-speaking regions since 2016. A week ago, their leaders launched a special operation of 10 Days of Dead Cities.

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