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Carrefour Market "Label Life" Essaouira is the first shopping center of the city with a shopping arcade and shops. Opened in 2014 it has an area of ​​1900 m2. Essaouira, MOROCCO-06 / 08 / 2016 .// MEIGNEUX_meigneuxA008 / Credit: ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA / 1608201826 © SIPA

Last year, the Moroccan group associated with Carrefour broke its record of openings of outlets. 2019 should confirm its appetite in the kingdom and on the continent.

Ten years after having convinced Carrefour to trust him, Zouhaïr Bennani, CEO of Label'Vie distributor, is in the process of negotiating to renew its franchise agreement with French, which for twenty years is among the ten most important global distributors.

If the Moroccan featherweight has grown well over the last decade, this alliance is still as strategic for the group established in Casablanca. But trying to get details about the ongoing discussions is hardly worth it ...

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