Regional elections: who can be a candidate?


According to Article 251 of the Electoral Code, no one can be a candidate for a Regional Councilor's mandate if he does not reside effectively in the area of ​​the region concerned.

The conditions of eligibility for a mandate of Regional Councilor are defined by Article 175 of the Electoral Code. To apply you must:
- Being a Cameroonian citizen, enjoying the right to vote and regularly registered on an electoral list
- Have 23 years old on polling day
- To read and write French or English
- Justify of an effective residence of at least 6 months in the territory of the municipality concerned.
Moreover, paragraph 2 of this article specifies that non-resident persons may be candidates, provided that they have a residence in the territory of the municipality concerned. As for nationals of foreign countries who have acquired Cameroonian nationality by naturalization, they are eligible only at the expiry of a period of 10 years from the date of acquisition.


Articles 176 to 180 of the Electoral Code are clear. Candidates of Regional Advisers can not claim to be persons who, of their own accord, are in a situation of dependency. Or intelligence about an organization, a foreign power, or even a foreign state. Also ineligible are:
- the municipal councilors in the exercise of their functions and during the 6 months following the cessation of these functions,
- the personnel of the services contributing to the defense, to the security of the territory. In particular, security and the police,
- Officials and agents of the regional administration.

Ineligibility is established by the competent administrative court within 3 days of the referral, stipulates the article 176 (2).

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