in Cameroon it's the era of the single


While the older generation preferred albums, the new one seems to have a certain penchant towards the single.

Cameroonian music lovers attending the last five years to a new musical fashion. The single and the maxi single. Understand by that, a single title or two titles. Artists seem to prefer this formula to the detriment of albums in many respects

The reasons

The reasons for this choice, opinions are many. But many agree that the weak means of production and promotion quickly tip the scales.

Yann Eyoum, musician and cultural promoter

"It's a problem of investment, profitability and process. Distribution is at the heart of this strategy. This requires a well-appointed corridor. Unfortunately, it's a process that still lags behind us "

Steve T., cultural journalist

"The appropriate model currently is the single because it allows to be discovered and less risk in investment. Albums can not circulate if a real distribution channel is not yet arranged. Many who try it often go unnoticed. We must especially think of a real marketing for this type of product.

Roger Samnig, member of the group X-Maleya

"You have to have a certain notoriety before releasing an album, and after being sure to make it consume the public with the standard of its purchasing power. This is why we can spread an album over time by releasing singles that are extracted gradually. In any case, this is the policy we have adopted for years. And she seems to be walking.

Yet the album ...

For Kareyce Fotso, albums give promoters, patrons, producers, and other investors a better appreciation of the level of the artist, but also what there is to offer. "A single can be considered a stroke of luck. While basically, the artist is unable to ensure a return on investment. A reality that often disadvantages Cameroonian artists in awards ceremonies and other international competitions.

Jeanne Ngo Nlend

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