Switzerland: Petra Gössi castigates opponents of PLR

Petra Gössi castigates opponents of PLR

Petra Gössi is the president of the PLR. Image: Keystone

The president of the PLR Petra Gössi held a combative speech Saturday in Biel before the assembly of delegates. She reiterated that her party was ready for the federal elections, stigmatizing some opponents accused of favoring divisions.

The national councilor did not reveal the details of the PLR's election campaign, noting that she will be at the center of the May and June delegates' meetings. "We will go door to door, from person to person. We will go to hear and discuss the problems people are facing, "she said.

"We are going to get into the ring"

For Petra Gössi, the attacks launched by some opponents of the PLR ​​are, in his view, proof that his party is ready and that it starts on solid bases in the cantons. "They seem to be afraid of us. That's good, because it shows that we do a lot of things correctly, "said the national councilor in front of some 350 delegates.

Petra Gössi referred in particular to the criticism of Socialist Party (PS) President Christian Levrat against foreign policy led by Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis (PLR). "The PLR ​​will not play this game. The debates of this level do not interest us," assured the liberal-radical president.

"In 2019, we are going to get into the ring, ready to prove that the conservative and socialist forces want to divide our country," said the president of the PLR. Advocating for compromise, she expressed her concern over the widening gap between city and countryside and between the political elite and citizens.

"Move together"

Petra Gössi fears that some political actors are working to widen these gaps rather than fill them. "And that only because they want to be profiled in the election campaign," she added without citing names. "We are the force that wants and can move Switzerland together," she added, referring to the "Moving Together" campaign slogan.

In this election year, the PLR ​​president also listed the successes of her party last year, from the election of Karin Keller-Sutter to the Federal Council for Federal Voter Victories.

No reference to the Maudet case

In her speech to the delegates, Petra Gössi did not mention the Maudet affair. Last November, the PLR ​​Steering Committee called for the resignation of the State Councilor. The president of the party then had very harsh words against the Genevois, entangled in legal wrangles related in particular to his trip to Abu Dhabi.

The PLR ​​Switzerland was originally scheduled to hold its Delegates Assembly in Geneva, but it was moved because of this very sensitive issue. The party wanted to avoid that it interferes too much in the debates and focuses all the attention. (Ps / nxp)

Created: 12.01.2019, 12h02

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