Sheriff says Jayme Closs is a hero after being released from captivity and asking for help

A smiling closs, aged 13, is now with an aunt and has found her dog, according to a photo transmitted to the media.

The girl was rescued Thursday while walking on a road in a rural area of ​​the north-west of the country. Wisconsin, after fleeing a house where law enforcement officials said Jake Thomas Patterson, 21 years ago, had kept her.

"Jayme was the hero of the case. Jayme was the champion who finally said it was enough, "Fitzgerald said. "We can not be more proud of Jayme."

Closs was released Friday from a Minnesota hospital and remains in Barron, Wisconsin, with an aunt.

Jayme Closs, with her dog, Molly, and an aunt

Patterson is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, where he is expected to be formally charged with first degree murder and a kidnapping leader.

Authorities say they do not know why the suspect went to Barron to kidnap Jayme from the family home where his parents were found dead, shot with a shotgun.

"I do not understand it yet. Fitzgerald said. "That's the million dollar question, that's why."

Jayme and the suspect both made their first comments to the authorities, he said. The authorities are now giving him time to settle in his new home before questioning him again, the sheriff added.

"My name is Jayme," said a girl who found her to the woman

Jayme, who reportedly disappeared on October 15 and was discovered Thursday afternoon in a county, 70 miles north of Barron, on the outskirts of Gordon's rural community, according to authorities.

The sheriff said Patterson had opposed Jayme to Jayme. his will at home.

Jayme Closs presents herself as a ghost on a Wisconsin street a hundred miles from where her parents were shot at home
A woman who has a cabin nearby was walking along the isolated road when she lives Jayme in the cold evening, almost at dusk, without a coat or gloves.

The girl tells Jeanne Nutter: "I'm lost and I do not know where I am and I need help. "

She said, "I'm Jayme," said the woman at CNN's affiliate, WCCO.

Nutter took Jayme to the nearest house, Kristin and Peter Kasinkas, and called 911.

Shortly after the police appeared for Jayme, they arrested Patterson in his vehicle while he was apparently looking for the girl.

Authorities recovered several firearms, including a shotgun that they said had been used to open the door of the Closs family home and kill James Closs, 56 years, and Denise Closs, 46 years ago.

The investigators think Jayme was at home. Fitzgerald said that the house where his parents had been killed had been abducted by Patterson,

There was no evidence at the beginning of the investigation linking Patterson to his parents or Jayme, Fitzgerald said. He once worked in the same meat processing plant, where James and Denise were long-time employees, but the authorities said they did not meet in Patterson's short stay.

Barron, a city of less than 3 square miles, has a population of about 3 300, according to US Census figures. It is about an hour and 50 minutes drive from Minneapolis and about 50 minutes from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

"It looks like he's hiding it from ... his friends"

Fitzgerald says it is unclear whether Patterson, who is unemployed, owns the house or how he kept Jayme there. [19659002] "He seems to be hiding it from others ... from his friends," Fitzgerald said.

It is also difficult to understand why he would have targeted her in the first place. The sheriff said it seemed that Patterson had no contact with the teenager on social networks, Fitzgerald said.

About three years ago, Patterson worked at Barron's Jennie-O Turkey Store - where Jayme's parents were employed - and company president Steve Lykken said he was resigning.

He may have worked for another company in Barron, but that has not been confirmed, the sheriff said.

Patterson was in the county jail on Friday and keeps him. calm after talking the day of his arrest.

Jayme says the kidnapper killed his parents, a woman who helped her, says

Investigators are trying to figure out how Jayme escaped from Patterson's home, Fitzgerald said.

Jayme approached Nutter to CNN Friday at CNN Friday at CNN. On Thursday, they asked for help.

Nutter was aware of the disappearance of the girl, who had been reported nationally and intensely in the state.

Nutter says, "This is Jayme Closs! Call 911 now! "Kasinskas said. The police were called - but before they arrived, Jayme told them that she had been arrested in the Gordon area, near Kasinskas' house, by someone who killed her parents the night of her disappearance.

"She told us 'That person killed my parents and took me away,'" Kasinskas told CNN's Poppy Harlow. "She said that this person usually hides her when other people are nearby or when she has to leave the house. She did not explain in detail how she came out of the house or anything like that. "

The girl looked neglected and thinner than in publicly published photos, said Kasinskas.

"She looked ... kind of in bad shape (...) I think she was fine despite the circumstances," she said.

Jayme described Patterson's vehicle. Shortly after the 911's call, a sheriff's patrol sergeant found the vehicle, intercepted it, and took Patterson into custody, said Douglas County Sheriff Tom Dalbec.

Kasinskas said she knew Patterson, but did not know him well.

Nicole Chavez of CNN, Sheena Jones, Faith Karimi, Dakin Andone and Melanie Whitley contributed to this report.

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