Peter Farrelly s

Peter Farrelly saw a very old case come out, in spite of himself. Indeed, a few days after the Golden Globes, the director received the best film in the comedy category, several old articles appeared in The Cut. These articles return to one of his bad habits: show his sex in public. Cameron Diaz paid the price, and the director made an apology in a statement.

In 1998, actress swayed in Newsweek "When a director shows you his penis the first time you meet him, you must admit the creative genius." In The Observer, Peter Farrelly confirmed the anecdote and claimed that it had convinced Cameron Diaz to turn with him in About Mary. He explained: "It's a joke. It's not like I used to go out and say, 'Hey, look! It's my b ***! '

After the publication of these articles, the director, visibly embarrassed, made an apology to Cameron Diaz "It is true. I was an idiot. I did it decades ago and I thought I was funny, and the truth is that I'm embarrassed and embarrassed now. I am deeply sorry."The actress did not think it necessary to react to that.

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