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Winter is coming, and apparently also the unveiling of the exact day when of Game of Thrones will finally come back on the small screen for the first of its eighth and last season.

If you want to know when we will see the long-awaited conclusion of the epic fantasy series about the seven kingdoms of Westeros and which will eventually sit on the iron throne - turn on HBO to 20h50. Almost to the east this Sunday 13 January. Just before T starts his third season at 21h. If we're really lucky, maybe we'll even have new images or a trailer, although it's equally likely that HBO will want to prolong the excitement and not reveal everything at the same time. In other words, we have retained all the content of the channel today. HBO sparked a lot of excitement today as the channel's official Twitter account broadcast a screenshot of what would be an iMessage conversation between a person labeled "Boss" and, presumably, an employee. It's this conversation that reveals the date of the return of the GoT this Sunday. Look for yourself:

As a reminder, HBO has already announced that the show would return definitively in April. We are already registered here because we speculated that the April 28 is a good bet for the moment when the show will come back. "Bet" being the key word, because there is a necessary margin of maneuver until the official date.

The eight episodes of T starting on Sunday, will take you to March. 3 (assuming that Sunday is not skipped). If you assume that a series of seven episodes will debut the week after the end of the T without a break on Sunday, it will take you to April 21. The following Sunday, the April 28, would be the place GoT could eventually resume (we must also congratulate people on for some of these conjectures). It should be added that the April 28, HBO has already shown new episodes of the show on Easter Sunday, which allowed the scenario to be even more effective.

Image Source: HBO

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