Guinea: Decree of Alpha Condé authorizes the deputies to remain in office until the election of a new Parliament -

Alpha Condé at the Sékoutoureya palace, in May 2015. © Vincent Fournier / Young Africa

In a decree issued Friday night, Alpha Condé authorized Parliament, whose mandate expired at midnight this January 12, to continue its activities until the installation of a new legislature.

The presidential decree puts thus end to the questions on the future of the Guinean Parliament from January 13 which marks the fifth anniversary of its installation. Article 60 of the Guinean Constitution provides that the mandate of the deputies is five years. "The National Assembly is empowered to continue to assume legislative functions until the installation of the new parliamentary institution," says the last paragraph of Article 1 of the decree ofAlpha Condé aired in the RTG (state media) newscast, Friday, January 12.

Opinion of the Constitutional Court

"The authorization to continue parliamentary activities can not be considered as an implicit renewal of mandate and could not extend beyond the time necessary for the installation of the deputies of the next legislature", adds the article 2 of the same decree. This "necessary time" to elect new members is not determined. It will depend on the effective end of the recomposition of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) already started, the revision of the electoral register and the fixing of the date and the organization of the legislative elections to elect a new Parliament.

Before taking his decree, the head of the Guinean State had seized the 24 last December the Constitutional Court to signify the end of the parliamentary term and seek his opinion. The institution, in a January 10 decision published in the press the following day, said it was favorable to the deputies "remain in office until the actual installation of a new National Assembly".

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