Newcomers massively waits new year wishers ceremony

The First Lady Mrs Chantal Biya received new year wishes from the diplomatic core and national dignitaries this 10th January 2019.Close to 1500 women grouped into 28 delegations attended the ceremony.

Among the attendants were women who took part in the traditional new year wishes ceremony for the first time.

Ms. Grace Dion Ngute, Chief Lead Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, Chief Negotiator.

A good number of wives of a few years ago.

"I am happy to be here.We have celebrated the new year with Mrs. Chantal Biya. She has shown us a lot, and we wish her a happy new year with love ".
Veronique Elanga Obam

"It's my pleasure to be here." I am very happy.I count myself lucky among women to have Mrs. Biya personally. I pray that God continues to support her and her husband, President Biya ".
Ms. Cecelia Momo

"This ceremony is a very good initiative. Biya and receive her wishes as well. We also get to meet the spouses of other members of government. The event also enhances conviality reduces isolation and promotes fruitful exchanges ".
Ms. Wakata

"We have been conveniently received. Ms. Biya was not in a haste. We had time to take snapshots.There was also much to eat and there was a good animation ".

Mrs Adoum Gargoum

Kathy Neba Sina

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