Laaziz El Kadiri (CGEM): "Why not impose a continental preference for financing major projects? »-

Laaziz Kadiri, head of the Economic Diplomacy Committee, Africa and South-South. © CGEM, Youtube

Laaziz El Kadiri, le « Monsieur Afrique » de l’organisation patronale marocaine, prépare actuellement un guide d’investissement qui couvre l’ensemble du continent. Une manière d’encourager les entreprises à dépasser les frontières du royaume.

Appointed in July at the head of the Economic Diplomacy Committee, Africa and South-South, Laaziz El Kadiri became the "Mr. Africa" ​​of Salaheddine Mezouar. After crossing part of the continent, his mission is to accelerate Moroccan investments on the continent, according to a battle plan focused on SMEs. Meet.

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