Fox News host Fox News cheats Trump to say "constantly" that Mexico would pay for the wall

Most Americans probably remember Donald Trump, who had declared on the way to the countryside - as much as possible, that he would "build the wall" along the southern border and that "Mexico would pay for it".

President asserted during his trip to the border Thursday that he had "never said" that they would literally write a check, many Fox News viewers are likely to take it at his word. Luckily, host Neil Cavuto tried to correct the record this afternoon.

Noting that Trump had told reporters that "a lot of people were scared," Cavuto showed his viewers the President's clip asking, "Do you think they'll make a check for 20 Billion Dollars, 10 Billion Dollars or 5 $ billion or two hundred? No! They pay for the wall in a big commercial agreement. "

That's not exactly what you said in the past, "said Cavuto, speaking for a Trump montage promising to have Mexico, literally," paying for the wall. Sometimes Trump even asked his crowd to pay for the wall and they knew how to shout, "Mexico! "

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