The new quirky tweet of Donald Trump, who posts a video of him disguised as a farmer

The American president has a real passion for Twitter. He regularly speaks on the social network to comment on political news or deliver his reactions on various topics. Recently, Donald Trump had thus been invited in the debate on the yellow vests, incriminating the Paris agreement on the climate in the rise of the movement. He even said that the protesters chanted his name. This time, it's a rather offbeat video posted on his account that made him react.

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Donald Trump used a rather original and personal way to indicate that he had signed a decree on American agricultural policy, the Farm Bill. He shared a video of him Emmy Awards. Wearing a blue overalls and a straw hat, a fork in hand, the future American president sings in duet the credits of the American sitcom The green acres with Megan Mullallywho plays Karen in the series Will & Grace. This song indeed extols the supposed merits of the campaign. As so often, this publication made its opponents react, who were appalled by this choice of illustration.

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This is not the first time the US president borrows references to popular culture to announce measures on Twitter. He had already parodied the famous Winter is coming Series Game of Thrones to announce the return of sanctions against Iranwhich had greatly displeased the actors of the series and its producers.

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