Competition - Champion of the world of butlers, the Limougeaud Simon Verger is crowned best worker of France!

In Limoges, you may never have heard of Simon Verger. Normal. In the end, he is better known outside than in his own city.

A native of Limoges, Simon Verger nevertheless enjoys national and even worldwide recognition in a very particular field: that of butlers.

The former student of Jean-Monnet left the city after his BTS, worked at the Ritz in Paris, at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz as a sommelier before returning to the chapel of St. Martin, Nieul. "It was a vocation. Since I was little, I wanted to work in this field. "

He then decides to ride a wine bar in Limoges but quickly wants to garner other experiences.

Four major competitions

"I always wanted to know where I was to progress and move forward in my field. Simon Verger will then work at the restaurant "La Villa" in Limoges at his friend Fabrice Peyraud and then at Stéphane Carrade in Bordeaux, a two Michelin star as a room director. He then went to Paris as a catering director next to Versailles to ponds of Corot. Then come back to Bordeaux, at the restaurant Gabriel.

To "confront the reality" and "to compete with others", this big hard worker works weekends, nights and holidays to master his art to perfection. Butler's job is one of the most complete if not the most complete. You have to know how to welcome customers, cook, advise them on wine, be able to make pastries, get to know cheese, cigars, spirits, etc.

In his thirties, this is his case. And Simon Verger will try 4 great contests. The first is the Georges Baptiste Cupthe championship of France masters. In 2015, he is crowned champion of France. In 2016, he represents his country at the European level and wins the title again. The European champion will become the following year ... World Champion.

It then becomes the only French to succeed the treble.

"For me, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France contest is the most difficult in the world. To succeed is beyond anything I have done in the past. "

Simon Verger (Empty)

But his biggest victory is not there. This father of a girl of 3 years decides two years ago to try the contest of Best worker of France. The 7 and 8 last November, in Deauville, in the Hotel de Normandie and the Hotel de France, it is sacred MOF after two days of testing.

"It's a culmination. The contest devotes 15 years of work. For me, it's the toughest competition in the world. It's beyond anything I've done in the past. "

Carrot dessert

It must be said that all categories combined, one usually becomes better worker of France on average ... 51 years. Whereas he has only 34. During the competition, the candidate must produce a masterpiece.

"Our masterpiece was to create, produce, market a dessert in total transparency in front of the customer. "Simon Verger proposed a carrot dessert around the brioche and apple, flambé and caramelized, accompanied by a cocktail without alcohol, here below, the recipe.

Here is the recipe that invented, created, prepared Simon Verger during the final MOF Maître d'hôtel

Carrots of receipts marinated with organic apple juice then roasted at the Grill "Hibachi" in front of the customers, needed (brioche historical of Normandy) caramel salted butter caramelized with sugar of ginger, lemon yuzu and deglazed with apple juice. Accompanied by a lemon ginger cream, crystalline apples and mini apples candied with Calvados.
The set was entirely made in front of the customers.
He was accompanied by a cocktail without alcohol
- Parsley juice
- Pear juice
- Yuzu lemon juice with skin
- Apple juice

At the end of the year, Simon Verger will leave his job to work in a famous restaurant in Arcachon. He could go further abroad, for example. "I do not run after luxury and money. For now, I'm staying in Bordeaux. "

Next March, he will go get his distinction at the Elysee and will have this pride.

His festive meal

"I like simple things. Poultry for example. A good fowl of Bresse, the only one having the French AOC, is excellent, stuffed with a garlic bread. I would accompany him well a good Meursault. As a starter, I can see a tartare of scallops with citrus fruits. And then a cheese. I love blues with a saute or Gewurtz. And a dessert around the fruits, why not. "

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