Tea tree essential oil to fight fleas and ticks - Improve your health

Pets can bring an atmosphere of tranquility and happiness to our family members. However, they sometimes harbor fleas and ticks as well. To combat this scourge, we will explain today in this article the use and benefits of essential oil of tea tree or tea tree to fight against fleas and ticks.

Infestation with these parasites is quite common when the proper hygiene conditions are not followed. As clean as we kept our petsthey are always sensitive to catching fleas and ticks.

Indeed, during the summer season, because of the persistence of high temperatures, these parasites reproduce very easily. Fleas and ticks are very small and always live in a group. These parasites feed mainly on the blood of their hosts. Both fleas and ticks adhere to the skin by creating small pustules in the wounds produced by the bite.

Discover to begin as a result the different diseases that spades and fleas can transmit to humans. Then we will talk about the benefits of tea tree essential oil to fight these unwanted pests.

Diseases transmitted by fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are able to create in humans an allergic process that causes inflammation and itching after a bite. The presence of these parasites in our homes carries the risk of causing certain diseases very harmful for the man, such as the following ones:


ehrlichiosis is one of the diseases that can be transmitted by ticks to people. Moreover, this pathology is fatal in the domestic animal and quite serious in humans.

It is manifested by fever, joint pain and blood disorders. This disease can lead to a risk of bleeding due to the decrease in the number of platelets.

Ehrlichiosis are in most cases vector-borne diseases that occur because of tick-borne diseases more precisely. In addition, tick-borne Ehrlichia bacteria may be different depending on the biogeographic zones or continents considered.

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Bubonic plague

Bubonic plague is the most common form of plague that spreads in the wild. It occurs most often following infection by the bite of infected fleas from a rat or other small mammal. However, it can also occur through exposure to body fluids from a dead animal infected with the plague.

This disease is transmitted by flea to humans. Among the various symptoms, the affected person may suffer from high fever, inflammation of the cervical and axillary glands. Bubonic plague can also compromise the respiratory system and therefore requires emergency hospitalization.

Tea tree essential oil against fleas and ticks

A simple sting of a flea may cause allergic dermatitis. Vesicles or pustules superinfected by bacteria can also develop. For this reason, one should always be vigilant and pay close attention to the presence of any of these unwanted pests that could cause allergic dermatitis.

Topical dermatitis differs from seborrheic dermatitis and contact dermatitis because it causes tingling. Seborrheic dermatitis appears only on the scalp, sometimes on the chin and chest, and contact dermatitis is caused by allergenic substances.

To fight against fleas and ticks, there are several natural remedies that can help you reduce the risks associated with these transmitted diseases. The properties of tea tree essential oil help to solve these problems. Discover what are the different benefits and benefits of tea tree or tea tree essential oil and the many treatments that you can prepare with this essential oil with many virtues.

What is tea tree essential oil?

Melaleuca alternifolia or commonly called tea tree, is a plant native to Australia. It is a small shrub with small, thin leaves, white flowers and a pleasant smell.

The tea tree oil or tea tree, with medicinal properties, is extracted from the plant. Its use is common for fight against acne and perform aesthetic treatments to strengthen prevent skin lesions.

Properties of the essential oil of tea tree

tea tree essential oil to fight against pests

The tea tree contains an essential oil that has a transparent appearance. This oil is distinguished by its characteristic odor, as well as by its multiple chemical components which confer, among other things, antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

However, be careful! Indeed, tea tree essential oil has a toxic effect when ingested. For this reason, its internal use in animals and humans is not recommended. The intense smell of this oil causes the removal of fleas and ticks from your pet's skin. By using this tea tree essential oil externally, you will be able to see fleas and ticks fall to the ground instantly or in a very short time.

For this, you will need to apply a few drops of this oil in a cup of warm water (250 ml) and add this mixture to the specific shampoo for animals. This remedy will create an effective natural tonic against fleas and ticks. Use it when bathing your pet and you will find that fleas and ticks fall quickly to the ground.

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Does tea tree essential oil really help fight ticks and fleas?

Indeed, tea tree essential oil is one of the most effective options for fighting fleas and ticks in animals. It is an economical and natural method that can be used safely if you follow the recommended guidelines. Simply apply it in spray mode on your pet's coat during 15 at 20 minutes. Perform this cleaning in an airy room of your home and effectively fight these pests undesirable and harmful to the health of the animals and yours.

Take care especially never apply pure tea tree essential oil to your pet's skin. Indeed, it could cause severe allergic reactions. It is also recommended to apply this treatment daily for a week or until your pet has no fleas or ticks.

On the other hand, you can also use this tea tree essential oil on the clothes, furniture and mattresses of our house. It is a supplement for cleaning the house and you can use it once a week to protect the environment of your home and keep fleas and ticks away.

This is a fairly simple method to eliminate this annoying problem from your home. This tea tree essential oil has great health benefits for your family and pets.


Tea tree oil has been used since antiquity to treat skin problems. However, its medicinal applications go far beyond. It began to be used for the first time in Australia, thanks to the distillation of the leaves of a tree named Melaleuca Alternifolia. Australian natives have always used it to treat a variety of conditions, both skin and respiratory, such as colds or allergies.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the world of aromatherapy often use this oil thanks to its multiple qualities. She smells good, we can find her in any natural shop, and she is not very expensive.

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