Cameroon - Media: Sam Séverin Ango appointed general manager of a radio station in Yaoundé


The journalist is the new CEO of Oxygène Radio.

A new destination for Sam Séverin Ango! The journalist who was responsible for the communication of the candidate Franklin Ndifor Afanwi, during the recent presidential election, was named Wednesday, general manager of Oxygène FM, an urban radio station broadcasting in Yaoundé.

In the appointment decision, Duval Lebel Ebale, the CEO of Oxygène FM asks his staff "total obedience to the person who enjoys the unconditional confidence of the very high hierarchy."

Which means that Sam S. Ango will have his hands totally free in the exercise of his new duties. A true globetrotter, the journalist has already toured several Cameroonian media. Passed by Canal 2, LTM, Equinoxe, Ango was also responsible for the communication of SOCAM, the former management company of musical art.

On the occasion of the presidential election, he put his activities as a journalist in parentheses to engage in politics. After working with the candidate Akere Muna initially, he then allied himself to Franklin Ndifor.

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