Switzerland: This day of December 2015 where Geneva fears an attack of the IS

This day of December 2015 where Geneva feared an attack of the IS

The police presence was reinforced on December 10 2015 in front of the Consulate of France, Cours des Bastions. Picture: Olivier Vogelsang

The Genevans may not remember the exact date, but they remember that strange day, the end of 2015, where the whole township was on the alert, fearing an impending attack by the Islamic State. They also remember a Belgian van for the least suspicious. The exact date is Thursday, December 10.

We are only a few weeks after the Paris bombings, which made 130 dead and more than 400 injured. The Anglo-Saxon secret services have intercepted an encrypted message intended for a clandestine cell. He mentions a simultaneous bombing project in Geneva, Toronto and Chicago. Swiss authorities are warned.

Enhanced security measures

"Fortunately, the project will never succeed," says Matthieu Suc, interviewed on Thursday in "Le Temps". The journalist, who works for the French site of investigation Mediapart, has just published "The spies of terror" (HarperCollins Publishing). A thorough investigation, the result of four years of hard work, which highlights the origin and functioning of the "Amniyat", the intelligence services of the Islamic State. She returns on this day under tension. "This threat to Geneva, the symbol of global finance, is all the more credible because the client is Abu Loqman, No 1 of Amniyat", continues Matthieu Suc.

It is a statement, broadcast shortly before noon by the Department of Security, which puts the canton in turmoil. "As part of the investigations conducted following the attacks in Paris, both internationally and nationally, the Geneva police and its partners are actively seeking people whose report was provided by the Confederation," reads in particular. Enhanced security measures are taken immediately. Police forces are investing in several key places in the city, such as the train station, the airport, the French embassy or the United Nations.

Climate anxiety

In the afternoon, the "Tribune de Genève" reveals that a van, registered in Belgium, was seen two days earlier in Geneva. She has two men on board, reported by the French authorities because of strong suspicions of radicalization. This Thursday, the van has in fact already left Switzerland, but the wildest rumors are circulating, creating a climate of anxiety in the city.

Beyond this episode, Matthieu Suc especially highlights in his investigation how the IS copied the organization of the major Western and Middle Eastern intelligence services to form his Amniyat, with "a spy bureau on one side , and counterintelligence of the other ". A structure that counted "many Swiss" among its 1500 jihadists, all "handpicked."

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