The dumpling! When Jennifer Garner s

She approached the sartorial catastrophe, but managed to avoid the major fashion faux pas. In the columns of the American magazine People, Jennifer Garner confessed to having a funny misadventure during a mass there is little time. "My skirt was taken in my panties at the church a few weeks ago, remembered the actress of 46 years. And coming back from the bathroom, I almost walked among the people present that day by revealing all my buttocks! "

Despite this sartorial accident, Jennifer Garner still explained to People that she had caught up in time before going further. "Fortunately, I felt a breeze quite quickly," explained the mother of three, who is finally officially divorced Ben Affleck. A posteriori, Jennifer Garner have a lot of fun with this annoying episode. It must be said that the actress very practicing never lacks self-deprecation when it comes to her wardrobe. Even when it happens in a sacred place.

Most often, it is accompanied by his three children (Violet, 12 years old, Seraphina, 9 years old and Samuel, 6 years old), Which Jennifer Garner goes to the church of Pacific Palisades, which is not far from his home. The 4 last November, she even spent mass Sunday morning ... with her former husband, Ben Affleck !

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