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Gazelle, a company that buys and sells used consumer electronics, today released the results of a survey that reveals that consumers of tech gadgets are at the top of their vacation list.

More than 180 million consumers are expected to take advantage of Black Friday's offerings this holiday season and if the Gazelle's results offer a guide, about 45% of them will buy or expect someone to buy them a smartphone. When you divide even more the list, among other key products that consumers hope for this holiday season, it also appears that four of these five flagship products belong to Apple.

About 30 percent of all consumers Gazelle's data indicates that retailers will "really surprise and delight shoppers this year to win sales of smartphones, tablets and computers." In terms of smartphones, these consumers (23% vs. 22%, respectively).

These are the two most anticipated consumer electronics products, by Gazelle, with a Samsung Galaxy in the forefront. spot followed by the iPhone. The Apple Watch (17% of consumers), iPad (16%) and MacBook (14%) complete the following three places. In other words, about 70% of respondents in the Gazelle survey hope to have an Apple product this holiday season.

You can also slice the list by choosing from the five most sought after products, There is almost an equal difference between those who want a smartphone (45% for a Galaxy or iPhone) and those who want a gadget without smartphone, such as a laptop, smartwatch or tablet (47% in total). [19659002] There is no doubt that there will be a lot of tech gadgets under the Christmas trees this year and they will stoke the heavy traffic of Black Friday. Speaking of which, details of this year's Black Friday offerings are already being released by a variety of retailers, and Gazelle also has a number of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday specials aligned and ready to launch, including Among its 23 November 26 offers: 25% off on an iPhone X, 30% off on an iPhone 8 Plus, 15% off on an iPhone 7 Plus, 30% discount on some MacBook and MacBook Pro and 30% off on the iPad 3 and 4.

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