Cameroon - Cholera Epidemic: 634 Suspect Cases in the North

The information was made public on October 31 2018 during the evaluation meeting of the strategy put in place to block the way to the epidemic.

Present at this meeting, the Minister of Public Health did not hide his outrage at the figures recorded in the Far North. "634 suspected cases of cholera is too much," he said. The data reveal that between the 23 and the 29 last October, 36 new cases were recorded in the Northern Region, and 8 in the Far North. There was 43 death.

Given these figures, the Minister of Health asked his staff to redouble their efforts. It is a question of doing everything to ensure that the epidemic is initially confined in these areas and in a second time eradicated. It should be noted that after the discovery of the first case, a response plan was set up. Only the fact that Cameroon shares borders with countries like Nigeria does not help it at all. Starting from the fact that in this country, more than 27 000 patients have been registered.

Although the World Health Organization recognizes that the number of cases has decreased in the North, it notes with desolation that there have been new cases. The Minister of Health has asked his collaborators and partners in Cameroon to intensify the response. 950 community agents have received training. 750 who work in the North and Far North regions are tasked with detecting cases of illness.

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