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There are many mistakes we make when we dress and do not favor our appearance. That's why we have to be careful and avoid them at all costs and wear the right clothes. And no, it is not a question of being a victim of fashion but of following the golden rule for everything that consists of respecting balance as well as harmony.

In general, the most common mistakes related to clothing are directly related to the poor knowledge of our body. However, fortunately because it is something that always has a solution.

We have to look at ourselves for a moment in front of the mirror and carefully evaluate the characteristics of our body. In this way we can easily decide which parts of our body we like the most to learn to value them more.

Knowing how to dress perfectly is an art in its own right as it helps to emphasize the strengths of our physique. That's why it's important to find out which clothes can help you shape your figure, and even totally transform it.

On the other hand, it will begin by learning to hide the parts of our body that we do not like too much to live better with. For this purpose, we will talk to you today in this article about 4 typical mistakes we make when we dress and how to improve our appearance.

But, how to master this technique perfectly? Well, just paying attention to certain details and not getting carried away by the haste. Write down all our tips!

1. Being too critical of yourself

choose the clothes we wear

This is the first and most common of all errors. We always tend to be too critical of ourselves and "punish" ourselves somehow to not be like this model, celebrity or influencer of the day. As the famous proverb says: "We are often the most severe judges of ourselves. "

In this sense, the self-sabotage of ourselves can reach levels that, most of the time, bring nothing but negative feelings to ideas that do not help us to be constructive. To avoid falling into this trap, it is very important to strengthen what we love about us. If we still do not know it, we must give ourselves the opportunity to discover it as quickly as possible and let things happen little by little.

The construction of a positive image and coherent with reality is not a task completed on the first try. It's not a straight line either, but it's worth going through to be able to enjoy well-being and radiate happiness. Follow the fashion also involves being aware of the latest trends and adapting them to our level. If you do not know what to wear, also ask a friend or relative you trust. People who know you well will have a clear idea of ​​what will work best for you.

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2. Give more importance to the opinion of others

Compared to the previous tip, it should be noted that another of the mistakes we make frequently when dressing is to give more importance to the opinion of others, rather than ours. Be careful, one thing is to give in to all the criticism of others and another is to not let us do it. You must not fall into extremes either.

You need to know how to set healthy limits, admit constructive criticism and learn to analyze them so that you can make the adjustments you deem necessary. If for example you do not like to show your legs or have a small belly, take these details into account when you go shopping. So, avoid miniskirts or too-tight tops on the belly.

The important thing is always take into account our own opinion and not just the views of others. After all, the most important thing is to be happy and satisfied with ourselves.

3. Succeed in all fashion trends

do not buy any fashionable clothes

Being a victim of fashion is also another of the mistakes we make most often when getting dressed. We believe that to gain the approval of others, we must be state of the art with current trends.

For this reason, we often atrophy the fashion selection filter and we do not always adapt to clothes that help to style our look and who favor us the most. In addition, we tend to exaggerate with the latest trends and, therefore, we do not look like a supermodel, far from it.

A garment can be beautiful to watch or match the trend of the moment, but it is not certain that it fits you perfectly. Too tight clothes will pack your body, while those who are too tall will give you a rather neglected look. Turn to the classics, rather than the fashionable cuts of the moment. It would be better dress to show off with clothes that will fit us well, rather than follow fashion.

To avoid falling into this situation, it is very important to learn to give up certain habits because not all styles are custom designed for us. You must be able to distinguish between what is right with you and what looks good and what does not favor you at all. As we mentioned before, it is a process of trial and error in which patience greatly influences.

4. Book the clothes that fit you

It is inadvisable not to use these clothes and accessories that fit you and to book only for "special occasions". Indeed, often time passes and, ultimately, we do not use what we like most. You have to dress for yourself, be happy and comfortable on a daily basis and not just at specific events.

Get rid of clothes that do not fit you anymorethat you have not worn for two good years or are no longer the first freshness. You will free up space in your cabinets. Once you have cleaned up your clothes, you can assess the state of your wardrobe and find out what you need.

Other common mistakes to avoid when we dress are, among others, the following:

  • Do not choose the right size.
  • Use too much color, patterns and accessories.
  • Abuse too much sensuality.

You may be tempted to order clothes online, however, it is better to go into the store you are interested in and try the clothes that attract you. Sizes vary from one brand to another, too, you will know if a garment really puts you in value by trying it.

Latest tips

Do not ruin your efforts to be beautiful because of shoes that hurt your feet or with tight clothing that will make you feel uncomfortable. By being comfortable in the clothes you wear, you will be much better. If certain colors or cuts hold your attention, it's simply your style. Now it's up to you to adapt them to the clothes that suit you best.

Make a list of necessary clothesbut also styles that flatter you. Take the time to determine what you will wear to go to the office, for weekends, for chic events, but also for everyday life.

In the end, it's all about maintaining a balance and enjoying fashion, but not being a slave to it. On the other hand, we must not forget that there are always moments for everything: some are more audacious, others more reserved, etc. The most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself, to believe in yourself and to feel good above all.

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