9 Alternative Uses of Nail Polish - Improve Your Health

Nowadays, we havea very wide variety of nail polish colors. Although it was designed to complement feminine personal aesthetics and beautify hands, many other uses can be made of this product.

If you are a curious person and like to take full advantage of most of the products you have at home, the following alternatives to nail polish that we propose will be of particular interest to you.

9 alternative uses of nail polish

1. Eliminate warts

Transparent nail polish turns out to be a effective home remedy for removing the warts. Why is this so? It is very simple. The layer of varnish applied to the affected area prevents oxygen from reaching the area, which stops its growth and eventually makes it disappear.

It should be noted, however, that this product is not a panacea. Depending on how often the nail polish is applied to the wart, it can take days or weeks for the wart to disappear.

Method of application as a remedy:

  • Wash the wart area with plenty of soap and water.
  • Dry well with a towel.
  • Apply clear varnish on all wart.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes and repeat the application about 6 once more.
  • Cover the area with microporous surgical tape.
  • Repeat the same procedure day after day until the wart disappears.
  • Avoid using the same polish for other things. If you have already started using it for wart treatment, leave it exclusively for that.
  • Once the treatment is finished, it is best to completely remove the nail polish.

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2. To post your mails

Since it is not very hygienic to close envelopes with salivait is best to use a stick glue. However, we do not always have this product at home, so you can use clear lacquer if you do not have glue.

Simply brush the edges of the envelope and apply pressure for a few minutes until it closes properly. Completed !

3. Reinforce labels at home

You store food in labeled pots, whether in your cupboards or your freezer ? So, the clear nail polish will help you take care of it. Especially to protect them from humidity and extreme temperatures.

Just apply a coat of clear varnish on the label. This way, you will no longer need tape or plastic paper and you can keep the written text in perfect condition.

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4. Repair small scratches on your body

The varnish nails also serves to cover small marks on the vehicle body. Just make sure that the varnish is the same shade as the paint on the car.

Apply several coats of varnish until the scratch is completely covered and has disappeared. It is an easy and inexpensive alternative when the damage is minor.

5. Find the remote control

The use of a glossy nail polish in the dark will greatly facilitate the search for the remote control. Simply apply one or two coats of your favorite color on one of the buttons on the remote control and let it dry. It will be easier to find when you look at the TV overnight.

6. Thread a needle

Not everyone has the agility to put on a needle the first time, so sometimes we have to use something to do it. To do this, you can use clear varnish.

Justapply a little varnish on the tip of the wire to harden and pass more easily through the eye of the needle.

7. Differentiate keys with different colors of nail polish

thanks to nail polish, you can differentiate your keys

If for some reason you have a lot of keys in your purse and you have trouble recognizing them, you can use the nail polish to better differentiate them and give them a more original touch.


  • Remove the key from the key fob and place it on a flat surface.
  • Take the nail polish of your choice and apply it on the base of the key.
  • Avoid varnishing the teeth of the key.
  • Be creative!

8. Repair damaged shoes

As for the bodywork of vehicles, nail polish can also be used to cover damaged shoes. Choose the closest shade and apply on the damaged part. Then, let it dry and continue the procedure until the damaged part is well covered.

9. Extend the life of costume jewelery

On the other hand, you can also use clear nail polish to protect your costume jewels against oxidation or discoloration. Or you can simply apply a light coat to give them more shine. Apply a few coats of varnish on the piece and allow to dry.

As you can see, there are many alternative uses for nail polish. Therefore, use this product when repairing minor damage.

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