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Many people often have doubts about the benefits of having plants at home. Especially when we talk about having plants in a room, because we usually think that it is extremely harmful. However, this idea is absolutely not true. Having plants at home and in the rooms is very beneficial for the environment and our health.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to fill your house with houseplants. It is necessary that there be a reasonable amount of plants and that in the room there is only one plant. In this way, it will not be dangerous for our health. Discover today what are the most important benefits of having plants in a home.

Why do many people think plants are bad in the house and in the rooms? Because at night, plants breathe and expel carbon dioxide. However, a reasonable amount of houseplants offers many benefits to the environment of a home.

Discover today in this article all the benefits of having plants at home.

Plants purify and sanitize the environment

The plants at home purify the environment

Having plants at home helps to purify and revitalize the environment. They allow better air quality in the house. Indeed, during the day, plants absorb the polluting gases present in the air we breathe. Plants also help to increase the humidity of the surrounding air.

The atmosphere of our interiors in winter is too dry and it causes a feeling of discomfort whose origin is often misunderstood. More beautiful and as useful as saturators for radiators, indoor plants increase the moisture content of rooms. The plants transpire, indeed, to return 97% of their water of watering in the air. The most effective species are those that maintain an active metabolism during the winter because the lack of light often causes them to rest.

The air of houses or other premises is most often confined and polluted by solvents contained in wall and floor coverings or in paints. Indoor plants are able to transform, in 1 to 2 days, the harmful substances of the environment into clean particles. In other words, they purify the air in our homes and help us breathe better.

Did you know that plants can cool the environment in the summer and make it warmer in the winter? Well, now you know another feature that makes them so special and useful in a home. Now discover other benefits that plants will bring to your home.

Plants help us to work and study

Having plants at home can be a great help to work and study. The main reason is that plants are an excellent ally for reduce both external and internal noise. This effect is especially noticeable in small rooms and those that have no external openings.

In addition, houseplants reduce noise and promote concentration. They will be very useful for example if you work from home. Thus, you will be much less disturbed by all the sounds that can come from outside and affect your work. It will be exactly the same if you study for long hours at home.

Recent research has shown that indoor plants, in many ways, are beneficial to people. Plants play a vital role in creating a pleasant and healthy environment where we can move, work or relax. In addition, it has been proven that living in a plant environment results in lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and improved productivity.

In addition, if they do not replace a double glazing for insulation, they pleasantly dampen vibrations come from outside (cars in the street, noise in the stairwell ...), from where a delicious impression of silence and intimacy. Rather than changing the decor of your home, opt for plants. They improve the flow of sound while avoiding reverberations of waves too fast.

Among the great benefits that indoor plants bring to a home, it is important to know that they will also help us feel much calmer and relaxed. This will allow us to feel better, work more efficiently and significantly reduce stress levels. For all these reasons, it is definitely a very good idea to have plants at home.

Plants reduce dust in the house

The plants at home reduce dust

Have you ever wondered how quickly dust accumulated in your home? Depending on where you live or certain circumstances that you may not yet know, your home may facilitate the accumulation of dust with some regularity. This forces you to clean your house much more frequently than average.

Having to constantly clean your house to constantly remove dust can be frustrating and put you in a bad mood. If this is your case, plants can help you keep your house cleaner. But how can plants help us to have a cleaner home?

As we saw earlier in this article, plants absorb the polluting gases in the air, while also purifying the environment. Furthermore, they reduce pollution and dust up to 20%.

In addition, the dust is naturally carried to the soil of the pots of the plants. Roots and microorganisms in the substrate destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic chemicals. Plants feed on it even partially. It is now proven that plants constitute a true biological response to air pollution. If you are allergic to dust, having plants at home will be very important to your health.

Therefore, grow plants at home keeps you healthy. Indoor plants not only purify the environment, but can also have a lot of benefits for your body if you choose aromatic plants. In addition, they attract prosperity and positive energies, create a feeling of serenity and repel insects.

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Plants improve well-being and self-esteem

Did you know that having plants at home can improve our well-being and self-esteem? This is due to the visual effect that the plants produce. A house with plants is a much more pleasant place to look, comfortable and attractive. Indoor plants improve mood and self-esteem.

So, if we have low self-esteem, take care of the plants, see how they grow and look beautiful, how they recover after being sick, etc., all of this will be good for us. In fact, taking care of them, we will take care of ourselves in a certain way. It can also be a nice therapy to regain a good self-esteem.

Plants are ideal for decorating our home, creating a clean, healthy, inviting environment with a touch of nature. However, plants also need care. We must provide them with the water they need, transplant them when necessary, take care of their health, treat them if they are attacked by some bugsetc. In other words, we must be aware of the health and condition of our plants.

Do you have green plants at home? If you do not have one because they require a lot of care and attention, try to choose those that are much easier to maintain. In this way, you will not have excuses for not having plants at home.

You now know the many benefits of having plants at home. The question now remains to know which ones to choose. The options are many. By asking what will be the location they will have inside or outside the house, you will select the most appropriate ones.

If you do not have houseplants yet but plan to buy some soon to decorate your home, ask for advice on how to take care of them. Because, if you do not do it properly, your plants may not survive and you may feel unable to take care of other plants.

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In addition to helping us decorate the house, green plants help decontaminate the environment. Some species in particular have many benefits. The good news is that they are very easy to find in a nursery, someone can offer you a sprig, or you can even plant them directly with seeds.

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