Satisfactory Works In Bafoussam Ahead of AFCON 2019

Renovation works on infrastructure related to the hosting of the 2019 AFCON are on good footing in the West Region as the days go by. West Governor, Augustine August Fonka, was on the field recently to assess the progress of work.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

The visit to the AFCON 2019 construction sites out from May 28-29 by the Governor of the West Region, Augustine Fonka Awa made it possible for the Regional Chief Executive to observe the progress made in the field as far as AFCON 2019 infrastructure is concerned. The hotel industry from the field observations, presents a satisfactory progress following renovations based on CAF recommendations.

In the Bana Valley and at the Tagidor Center Bangou, new bungalows and suites are being completed. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. These two hotels will be able to accommodate at least two official delegations each. Next to these four-star hotels, a dozen other establishments of three and two stars are ready to solve the problem of accommodation of various delegations and visitors during the competition.

The field inspection trip also took the Governor to the Bafoussam-Bamougoum airport. Arrived at the time of takeover of a Camair-Co plane, the Governor and the members of the Committee of the Bafoussam site of AFCON Cameroon 2019, were able to confirm its good functionality.

The construction of the fence around the airport is progressing as well. The Omnisports Stadium in Bafoussam is ready for use.

The only worrying situation of the Governor was the five training grounds. The Governor estimates that performance is still below expectations. Whether at the Kouekong annex stadium, the Mbouda municipal stadium, the Bafoussam-Bamendzi municipal stadium, the Bandjoun municipal stadium or the Banengo-Tocket stadium, the Governor asked the engineers what is responsible for the slow rate of execution observed for the projects.

The China Machinery Engineering Corporation (Cmec), responsible for managing all these sites, has given the correction of shortcomings by the CAF commission during their last inspection to the site. Governor Awa Fonka urged the companies to buckle down to work with the stipulated deadline.

At the Kouekong stadium, which is the most advanced, from the administrative staff, the Chinese firm works with 99 workers (60 Cameroonians and 39 Chinese). For the Governor, it is necessary to increase the number of employees for expediency. The Governor's instructions were more firm during the inspection of the road works. Augustine Awa Fonka recommended to those concerned to rely on the state of the art.

President Paul Biya, it should be noted that AFCON in Cameroon cum 2019. Thus, all hands must be on deck so that Cameroon will be assured by the President of the Republic.

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