Beauty: 10 old African misses that dose more than ever


They were elected beauty queens in their respective Wanda People countries. Some continued in fashion, others became big TV stars while others started their small business. We have done a survey and here are 10 Miss African who dose more than ever, hear that remain beautiful despite the years.

Sery Dorcas (Miss Ivory Coast 2005)

Sery Dorcas is unquestionably one of the most glamorous Ivorian misses of all time. The go is beautiful and that is certainly why she caught the eye of the Ivorian footballer Didier Zokora with whom she made 17 wedding month. Their relationship gave birth to a cute little girl. This case did not stop the old miss from getting into business. Between TV show and small business creation, Sery Dorcas Every day, it is a path in the business world. And go always shines. She can still run in a contest oh! You see how?

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Damilola Agbajor (Miss Nigeria 2010)

Eight years after we reign as Miss Nigeria, the go always dose Wanda People. Damilola Agbajor is always so beautiful. The former beauty queen is already married. Her modeling dream, she always pursues it.

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Aurore Mutesi Kayiranga (Miss Rwanda 2012)

Miss Aurore is still beautiful Wanda People. Six years passed after her coronation and she is intact. The beauty queen of 26 years has obviously not continued in modeling. But the go is still so resplendent. She has new shapes that give her silhouette even more charm. Miss one day, Miss always!

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Tansey Coetzoe (Miss South Africa 2007)

The former Miss of South African beauty Tansey Coetzee is still in top form Wanda People. The 34 years mannequin has not lost a single mole. Après son règne, elle a commencé une carrière de mannequin avec succès et a dirigé les catalogues photographiques pour les grandes marques de mode africaines. En 2014, la jeune femme s’est mariée à un bel homme originaire du Nigeria et poursuit son mannequinat. En février dernier, la star a annoncé lors de son baby Shower qu’elle était enceinte d’une fille. Même dans sa grossesse la go « passe encore sur le marché« .

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Marie-Noelle Ada Meyo (Miss Gabon 2018)

She has changed this old Miss Gabon Wanda People. Yes, she has completely changed her path. After her tenure in 2012, the young woman decided to study journalism in Tunisia and then France where she graduated from the Lille School of Journalism. Today, Marie-Noelle Ada Meyo officiate for TV5 world. this is the new presenter of the Tropical Amissa Bongo. Be careful, the go is always so lovely.

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Stéphanie Karikari (Miss Ghana 2010)

Stéphanie Karikari took advantage of his notoriety after his election as head of the Miss election Ghana to get into business Between shooting and presentation of TV shows the go is on all fronts. It must be said that the go is not left behind.

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Valérie Ayena (Miss Cameroon 2013)

The former beauty queen Cameroonian Valery Ayena is one of the most beautiful miss of recent years in Cameroon. The go is top. After her tenure, the pretty young woman converted to modeling. Today, Valery is on the side of Dubai where she leads her career. And to tell you the truth, the dose goes even more than at the time of his coronation.

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Tirzah Evora (Miss Green Cape 2011)

The young Tirzah becomes more and more beautiful over the years Wanda People. The former Miss of Cape Verde still doses frankly. The proof, the young woman skims fashion shows through fashion.

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Ruth Kinuthia (Miss Kenya 2008)

The ex miss Kenya did not totally leave the spotlight Wanda People. The young woman is both a model and a make-up artist. After his coronation in 2008, the go decided to embark on makeup. And the young lady makes a good living thanks to her company Makeup by Ruthie.

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Lesliana Pereira (Miss Angola 2008)

Wanda People Lesliana Pereira est toujours aussi belle que the time when elle était miss Angola. Après 10 ans, la jeune femme dose toujours. Elle a continué dans le domaine de la mode mais à cela elle a ajouté le cinéma et l’animation d'émissions télévisées. Comment parler des reines de beautés qui dosent encore sans parler de Lesliana Wanda People ?

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